Winter Lip Health Naturally

Winter Lip Health Naturally

Got that tingle in your lip?
Time to support your lip health?
Here’s how to battle the lip blister!  

Lips and lip issues

Sometimes life’s little irritations can stare us in the face, quite literally in the mirror! When we see a blister, chapping or irritation on the lips or around the mouth, we know our skin is under stress. These little annoyances can be a minor inconvenience or a rather distressing problem! 

Depending on the specific issue you’re facing, you might get a tell-tale warning in advance - such as a tingling in the area. This is a message from your body that you need to take action immediately. In many cases, it only takes a few hours for an irritation to start forming and in no time it can cause a fair amount of pain.

And because lip issues can take a fair amount of time to heal, it makes sense to take action ahead of time. Be proactive and support your lips’ defenses throughout the harsh seasons - especially the height of summer and winter - or simply when you get run down at any time of the year.

Taking charge is always the best approach, so we’ve outlined a few ways to support your lip health.  

How to keep lips healthy naturally

Don’t poke, lick or pick!

Yes, it’s tempting but no, it’s not good!  It’s easy to transfer bacteria from your hands to your face and lips. Most of us don’t even know we’re doing it! In fact, one study involving a group of students found that each person touched their face around 23 times per hour. What’s more, nearly half of these ‘face touches’ involved contact with a mucous membrane -  and 36% of those involved the mouth.  
Remember to wash your hands regularly during the day. If you do touch your face to apply a lip ointment, be sure to wash your hands afterwards.  

Try to chill out

Sensitive lips are the last thing you need when you’re tired and stressed out - but because stress can weaken your immune system, this is exactly when those lip issues can appear! 

Try to manage your stress levels with some self-care. Take some time out to meditate, do yoga, read a book, hang with friends - whatever helps you relax.

Boost your intake of vitamins C and zinc

Lip issues typically love popping up when your immune system is down. One of the best ways to support your immune function is through diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the brightly coloured ones like leafy greens, berries, and oranges: these are generally rich in the nutrients that your immune system craves.  

Supplement where necessary 

Sometimes your diet could use a little boost. That’s where supplements come in handy. 

Vitamin C helps to boost white blood cell function, which are the cells that make up a big part of your immune defense system. Vitamin C is also required for proper healing of the skin, and some studies suggest it can help speed the healing of cold sores and even reduce some of the pain. 

Zinc is another important nutrient for immune function, and one that’s often linked to cold sore onset. Some studies have shown that being low in zinc can increase the recurrence of cold sores, and that lower zinc levels can mean recovery takes even longer. 

Check out Kolorex KOLSORE lip care ointment

Nourishing your body on the inside is one thing - but you can also support your lip health on the outside!

You’ve probably heard that lysine is great for lips, and it is. Lysine is an essential amino acid that helps to block arginine in the body, which is thought to be what
HSV-1 uses to grow and spread. It’s a well-documented intervention for lip issues. 

Propolis is also fantastic for lips. Propolis is a waxy, resinous mixture made by honey bees. It’s used by the bees to help build and seal their hives. Scientists have found that propolis has some amazing antimicrobial properties that can support skin health and immune function.

But there’s another amazing New Zealand-exclusive ingredient that you might not have heard of yet: Horopito!  Horopito (botanically known as Pseudowintera coloratais) is a native shrub with an active compound called polygodial.  The importance of polygodial can’t be over-rated because under the canopy of a rainforest, it’s a dark moist environment in which fungal mico-organisms thrive. Polygodial is a potent antifungal compound and this has enabled Horopito to be particularly effective at warding off plant fungal nasties for the last 65 million years. A proven track record!   Discovered by early Maori, Horopito has been an important inclusion in traditional Maori medicine for hundreds of years.  

But here’s the best news: Kiwi brand Kolorex has just released a brand-new product specifically designed to support your lips' defences.  KOLSORE contains everything we’ve just mentioned: lysine, propolis, and horopito in one triple-action lip ointment! 

What is KOLSORE?

KOLSORE  is the first lip ointment to contain New Zealand’s “herbal hero” Horopito alongside lysine and propolis. What’s more, an inhouse study found that a 85% of those who have used KOLSORE found that it either completely stopped or reduced blistering on their lips. Another 81% said that KOLSORE not only helped to reduce the time span of their outbreak, but that it was more effective than any other treatment they had tried.

So, how does KOLSORE’s “triple action” formula work?

This fantastic formula works in three ways to naturally support tender, tingly lips.

  • KOLSORE® contains the triple action of three scientifically studied natural ingredients that have been shown to help fight HSV-1. That includes Horopito, plus propolis extract and Lysine. It also contains lanolin, aloe vera, and Vitamin E to support your natural defences. 
  • Supports healing - The purified lanolin in KOLSORE acts like a barrier around the affected area, helping to retain the moisture that skin needs to heal. Vitamin E also supports normal healing.

  • Conditions lips - Lanolin has a wonderful silky feel that combines perfectly with aloe vera. These two natural ingredients help to soothe skin and leave it feeling soft and moisturised.


Tackle the tingle with this unique herbal formulation and help keep your lips looking their best! Shop now to get your Kolsore Lip Ointment.