Case Studies using Horopito

From soothing skin irritations to balancing intimate health, we hope you find these case studies of value when considering recommending Horopito; a natural plant based approach for troubled skin, gut and intimate health.


A treatment pathway using Kolorex for
a client presenting with Eczema.

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Vaginal Candidiasis 

Horopito treatment in a case of reoccuring vaginal candidiasis in a 27 year old female.

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gastrointestinal candida

Horopito treatment in a case of Gastrointestinal Candida overgrowth

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Male reoccuring thrush

Treatment appraoch to a case of male thrush due to high blood glucose levels

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Chronic thrush

Chronic reoccurring thrush over 10 years and treatment approach using Horopito.

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Eczema around eyes

Kolorex used by a patient with eczema around delicate eye areas

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